Kyle Stuchal – Ohio

Kyle Stuchal started a relationship with me at work–Panther Trucking. He kept talking about how his wife didn’t turn him on anymore and he wanted a divorce. We hooked up on our breaks and sometimes we would leave work early and go back to my place. Then he started to want to re play all the time when we fucked. One time he brought me a Wonder Woman costume and wanted me to wear it. Sex got rougher and less passionate, almost like we were acting out porn fantasies that his wife wouldn’t. I even met his 2 kids. He was all set to leave his wife and tell her he wanted a divorce and then her father died. Now he’s just staying to see how much money he can get out of her and promises he wants to be with me. We still fuck at work, but he needs to grow a pair and leave that dyke bitch!

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