Alexandra Knoll, Miami – Florida

this little Russian skank is one nasty little troll. She goes by both Alexandra Knoll and Alexandra Topaz. First she cheated on her husband for an older rich guy she told everyone she was madly in love with… so her husband left her- she gave a good sob story— me thinking she was just a good friend going through bad times, and being the fool I was, I believed her- she needed a job because her husband left her high and dry with two girls- so I hired her, let her bring her 2 little girls with her, tried lifting her spirits up, I considered this girl a good friend and confidant- boy was I wrong. She soon met my ex husband while working for me, who she knew was also wealthy, and while she was on a date with her rich boyfriend who she claimed she was madly in love with, she ran off to the bathroom with my ex husband…. by the following week she was madly in love with my ex husband- claiming she just couldn’t help how she feels. Nik, she’s an opportunistic little snake and everyone needs to Beware!!

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