Mike Hansen – Nebraska

Mike Hansen has HIV and sells cars for Corwin Toyota. He bangs escorts on Backpage. His latest one is a Terri Duffack she also has HPV and Herpes with HIV. This mother fucker harassed my girlfriend on a test drive and exposed himself to her. Stay away from Corwin Toyota this mother fucker is sick and is killing people. That dealership is being sued and demanding a gag order but she refused. Do not waist your time and do not let him hug you he is diseased. Who allows a HIV Posotive person touching customers. Corwin is a shit dealership go to Omaga. MIKE HANSEN, May 6th 1968 registered sex offender. Here is his back page whore Terri Duffack unemployed and unemployment denied. Her brother Jim Duffack sells cars there too a family and friends group of sick people.

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