Taly Cannon, British-columbia – canada

This degenerate piece of trash is a lying,scamming,backstabbing loser! She uses her friends, is the biggest SLORE I know and should NOT be trusted! She has MULTIPLE sugar daddies from seeking arrangement, she takes random old wrinkled balls down her throat from Leo’s list as well . She has a a very fine moustache on her upper lip and a gross chicken butt. I’ve also been told she has permanent DRDs. She’s the nastiest girl in all of Langley. She’ll do ANYTHING for a line of PEPSI including spreading her dirty chicken cheeks, leaving your sheets a stinking fowl mess. Her own parents can’t even tolerate her and her shady ways. She slept with my boyfriend and that’s why I’m posting this. Grow up Taly Cannon everyone is sick of your ways!

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