Skylar Walling, Atlanta – Georgia

The defamation of someone character is hurtful. Gossiping about the beautiful Skylar Walling and saying things that are not true is something that is done by a female friend because of her own insecurities within herself. The truth about Skylar is that she is a beautiful kind soul! Her beauty stems from the inside out. Many females can’t handle that but especially one specific female who truly envies the Goddess Skylar. The thing that most find alluring about Skye is her beauty but take tome to know this young starlet and you will find that it’s her spirit that lights the path before her ! Skylar Walling is the next Sophia Lorren !! Everyone watch… there will be big news of Skylars career !!! Be the first to hear it – I will be relaxing it in the next few weeks ! I am Skylar Walling has so much ahead of her she probably hasn’t even noticed this gossip about her !

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