Joe Amato – New York

This is to inform all girls that my ex is a cheater , a physically abusive tomato, and gave me something regrettable . He is very persuasive with his puppy dog face and very smart with his words I will give him that. But over years of physical abuse and cheating on me with a Muslim psycho and now talking to old girlfriends of mine I can finally stand up. He is 25 and lives in NY his dad was or is a “mob” person to say the least and runs off daddy’s coattail. Never had a job and loves ratting on his one friend initials “JC” often to an informant. He’s NEVER fought a person once since he was maybe 16 years old and acts like he is the Don of staten meanwhile he appears like a wigga from 2009. I don’t know much about the whole Italian “MOB” but I know it’s dying and you need a real life job Joe. Can’t rely on your 19 year old henchman forever . That’s why all your friends abandoned you. Good luck serial abuser. Stop talking about people and stop hitting girls and watching sopranos too much.

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