Jessica Rosen/Jessica Grzybowski, Dallas – Texas

 Jessica can be found on many dating sites looking to sleep with married men for money or fake fame.. she portrays her life like a kardashian groupie only to bury her deep mental insecurities. She belittles and degrades everyone she is insecure about (even on this site) only to make herself feel better. This mother of two need to stay at home at her mommies house and take care of her two little boys instead of trying to keep up with the Kardashians lol.. STAY AWAY.. RUN.. AS FAST AS YOU CAN!! Don’t let this bipolar rollercoaster of a human being ruin your life.. she will make up stories and lies to the point of law enforcement involvement if she thinks it will make her look better in the eyes of her peers! STAY AWAY.. unless you want drds and endless drama in your life!

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