Megan Marie Parks, Reno – Nevada

Pandora’s Mermaid’s real name is… well, she has many aliases – Megan Prinnera, Megan Marie Lowry, Megan Parks, and currently using Meg Parks ( find her on FB). Some… just some of Megan’s floozyng names are “Melissa” and “sexymel1231” and “SexySiren1231”. Her modeling name is “Liveloveandtravel”. And by “modeling”, I mean soft and hardcore porn. I bet if you google her name you could find some of her “work”. She’s been in jail a few times in Vegas for theft, etc. At one point half the Reno PD was looking for her. While living with her boyfriend, Nic Schweigert, she was banging her day-job boss and doing tricks out of a nearby apartment. And for a year or so, Megan had (what she called) a “bomb-a55 sugar daddy” who was an executive at the Goldcorp mining company. He bought her a truck, got her a house and some horses, and jump started her failed horse-training venture. Now I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t even want this cvm dumpster “mermaid” around my horses, let alone children at the local pool. And since she is pathologically and violently racist too, just ask her what she thinks about Disney’s new Ariel mermaid not being white.

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