Cheated and lied – Missouri

I started to date Valerie Dueker on April 19,2018, after coming off a seven year relationship where I’m misses passed away unexpectedly and I was greatful to Valerie for giving me someone to hangout with and things were great and things where moving great. So we talked about becoming serious and we were both all for it and I even said if your heart doesn’t feel you could see serious with me and she was all for it. Not knowing she was lying, I got her tickets and backstage passes to a concert and Valerie said she was being good that night because she wanted to remember the concert or she would been trying to hook up with with someone. But Valerie was cheating on me from day one with Daran Alpough who is a married man and they would meet wherever they possibly could as I lived with Valerie and I felt something was right so I moved out but things never changed and she left me for him and he is still with his wife Michelle Alpough, Valerie broke my heart and hope what she did to me is only done by people who dont case to hurt people in the process just as long as they get what they want.

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