Melissa King, Las Vegas – Nevada

You may remember Melissa M King (Insta melissamking; onlyfans missmelissaking) as the former Miss Teen Delaware USA who made a porno with Girls Do Porn. She gained a ton of followers on Instagram by posting scantily clad pictures and doing the follow-then-unfollow trick to start amassing a followership. She then started an onlyfans for old, pre +2 pictures. Her subscribers revolted, so she had to give them all free memberships after posting some nudes with +2s. After she got some people to re-subscribe, she removed all her nudes, and again her subscribers revolted. It seems she’s finally gotten wise by keeping her content up for her subscribers and lowering her price (still too high for her crappy content). Now we know how she funds all her travel, fancy bags/clothes/jewelry having just graduated college… As a side note: she should sue her +2 doc. Have you seen those things?

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