George Clayton – Pennsylvania

I’ve been with George Clayton for over 3 years, met him while I was working in Philadelphia, at first he seemed charming, hard working, responsible, handsome, like a perfect package. He moved in with me at my place and lived for free all that time. I wanted to help him get back on his feet since he had said his ex girlfriend had left him on the street, he seemed a real victim. Come to find out that I caught him cheating 2x’s the first everything didn’t look to clear and I was on disbelief, he sent me over 200 texts & numerous calls asking for forgiveness. Since then I started tracking him through his truck. Then 3 weeks later after the first incident I caught him parked in Pens Landing naked in his black truck which I helped to buy accompanied in the act. He’s a liar, abuser and a cheater. I can say now that I’m free. 267-693-7623 UPS driver.

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