Lindsay Willinger, Nashville – Tennessee

oh this little Slu has built quite a reputation here in Nashville… first and foremost…she can’t be trusted. poor girl has slept with anything and everything. Honestly you can’t trust her with a 10ft pole. Girls.. watch out. She will sleep with your Husbands, and Boyfriends. Ive seen it first hand. Its no surprise she’s 35 with no future. She has no girlfriends in Nashville because no girls like her. She only hangs with Guys…. She’s THAT girl. oh and the best part….. she considers herself a “Nashville Model”… Honey… no you’re not. do you book shoots? do you get paychecks? are you signed? No. get that sh1t out of your IG Bio. You’re a bartender at a burger joint……. She looks like a 45 year old stuck in a 12 year olds body. She has a gaping scar across her brow and age lines all over her face. Your “photographers” can edit them out in photos, but its still there in real life booboo. She really needs to start saving her server money and stop buying followers on Instagram.. because at the end of the day Instagram Robots won’t save her reputation. P.S. whats wrong with her lips? If she’s really going to run with this model story.. learn how to pout. she looks like like the joker with these downward looking slits.

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