Kathleen Moore — Apple Valley, California

This is Kathleen Moore. She has been having an off and on relationship with my husband for 4 years. I first found out about this affair 3 years ago and she told me they were just friends, which of course I did not believe. I was pregnant at the time with mine and my husbands second child. I asked her kindly to please stop contacting him. She did so for a while but began again after my daughter was born. I confronted my husband and he said that Kathleen was in love with him and that he knew what he had done was wrong and that he did not love her but she would not stop trying to contact him. He tried to break all ties with her and she went crazy. I saw a message from her that stated she deserved to know why he would leave her. I called her upset and angry. She knew he had a wife and kids but yet still pursued my husband. She told me he said he’d leave his family for her. Supposedly this has been going on for 4 years. She wrote me that she knew she was in the wrong but that she loved him and was hurting too. This woman is a damn whore and home wrecker, how dare she tell me she is hurting too. 4 years? Really? My husband of course is in the wrong too but you should have never even been with a married man. What kind of person are you? I told her how my children love spending time with their dad and all she said ( with a laugh) was, well he spends his extra time with me. How can you do that to two innocent children. I don’t know what my future holds for me but just know you ruined my life and women like you need to be exposed because you will never feel the hurt and pain you have caused my my family and I.

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