A gutless & coward cheater

Robert Somody

Robert Somody is a gay freak who shops toys r us for tots to stick up his butt.



Amber was my friend then she stared having sex with my dad, yeh I was jealous cause he used to show me all of his attention after my mom left , and I dont even wann talk about the nasty things he would make me do to him plus his dick is only like 4 inches and last time he made me touch it , wouldn’t even get hard but I cheated on my husband with a black man and I was telling my sis carlee that if she wanted to have orgasms to stop having sex with little white boys with baby dicks and my stepmom heard us talking and is trying to be just like me , o hate her

Australia Tara Bakracevic

Tara Bakracevic — Sydney, Australia

Gold Coast floozy, slept with her best friends bf jasmine and had to run away to Sydney. She now is known as the biggest floozy around. She blackmails, steals credit cards, manipulates everyone into thinking she is poor. Former best friend of Sydney floozy madam Madaz Davis. Who she also used and abused and is no longer friends with. They both went to Dubai for work and Tara herself has multiple sugar daddy’s and spreads her talentless legs around Sydney sleeping with who ever will let her. May everyone be cautious of this child. She’s dangerous and hungry for money. She changed her Instagram name to Taramalena as she’s hiding from her bad reputation

Cheaters Texas

Cheri Peters – Texas

Cheated several times. When married to me and when reconciled, twice.

Cheaters Texas

Marriage Destroyed – Texas


Cheaters Jeffrey knox jr

Jeffrey knox jr – Illinois

hes a liar a dead beat a cheater have sex with multiple wenmen unprotected ladies please be aware he has a sexy face in a medium size d*** tattos in he is a hoe he seems charming but cheats

Cheaters New Jersey

JR Mills Professional Rodeo and Cheater – New Jersey

JR Mills is a professional cheater and womanizer. He will sleep with anything that is out there. He has a woman in nearly every state and take money from them all the time. He has been in jail for taking these women for a ride and taking money. He gets from state to state or rodeo to rodeo with making up stories about his dad being sick or needing to get home to help them. One of his stories was a girl took all his money and he lost everything because she put him in debt. NO! He was in jail. Never had anything to his name that has not been repoed! He will steal whatever he can get from you ladies. He was married and did it to her and then kept doing it to her after they divorced. The guy is a loser. He will take you back to his truck at a rodeo and none of his friends will say a word. Beware of this guy!

Cheaters Virginia

Matt Patterson is a liar! – Virginia

I was dating this guy, we were supposed to be exclusively dating then he told me he got drunk and slept with his roommate. She moved out and I decided to forgive him (dumbass I know) and we continued dating. Then one day a girl from Brazil wrote on his page. Nothing fancy but just seemed to suggest more than friendship. I asked him about it and he said it was nothing. Then one night I went through his phone and saw they had been conversing on fbook messenger. He denied it was anything more then a that lives in Brazil. I kicked him out that night and he swore he would not talk to her anymore. Plus, she lives in Brazil so I didnt really think much of it. Fast forward a few months and we get in a an argument via phone, and that night he ends up getting his 3rd DWI. He tells me he is going to go to rehab for 30 days to try and lower his sentence. He gets out, and next thing I see is hes in a relationship, WITH THE GIRL IN BRAZIL! So I confront him about it and he has no response. I messaged the girl because Matt and I had posted pics and he was tagged in my posts, to see if she knew what was going on. The girl can barely understand and speak English and is a bright as a doorknob so that was useless as far as getting any information other than she loves him regardless of what hes done and who hes dating? Idk, I figured he liked that “bimbo” type bc he was misogynistic but he swore that wasnt what he wanted. Anyway, a warning to any girls thinking of dating this bigot …hes an alcoholic, does coke, all while putting on a fake Christian front for the world….stay away!

Cheaters Samantha C. Doores

Samantha C. Doores – Kansas

Look at this little cheating homewrecker! She’s a disgusting fat w**** who will f*** and suck anything with a p****. Ladies watch out keep your men, children and even animals away from this slob! She’s in bars dam near every night doing what she calls “sharking” aka sluting around looking for the next married man she can portray herself to as the damsel in distress! Y’all have been warned! ?

Cheaters United Kingdom

Mark Turner – United Kingdom

I met Mark Turner in High School when we were 14. We were close friends for a couple of years and then life took us our separate ways. One year on I now know he cheated on me at least 3 times with at least 3 different men. He also began to use Cannabis again although he swore he wasn’t. He has stolen money and alcohol from my house and lied countless times. I had a breakdown near Christmas when my grandad passed away and he left me in pieces by the door to go out and buy drugs. It disgusts me that he gets disability allowance and a house provided by the state. Unless cheating and recreational (Cannabis is not addictive) drug use are a disability he’s not entitled to anything. His flat is appalling for no other reason than he can’t be bothered to clean it. His mother is also completely irresponsible and knows the state in which her sons life is but brushes him off onto other people to try and deny responsibility for the embarrassment her son is to her.