Jason Keyston – Oregon

I should have known when I took this opiate addict in who was living in his car, but I have “Capt. Save a Ho” complex. I watched him choke his sister out by lifting her off the ground by her throat. He had told me stories of pulling his baby momma down the hall by her pony tail. Still, I got him clean and forced him to repair all his broken relationships. Because of me he was able to become a father to his son again. It’s bad enough when your lied to about someone’s drug use, but the jerk was constantly having inappropriate interactions with younger chics. 348 texts with one in two days, but I’m supposed to believe nothing else happened? First it was his co-worker, when he first got the job she was sniffing around and I warned him but he said I would never ever with a co-worker. Yeah he lied. Still I forgave him. Then a laundry list of other girls. Each time I would catch him, call him out, he would lie, we would fight for days, even with hard evidence he would lie until he knew there was no way to get out of it, and when it would get to that point he’d beat me to get me to shut up about the topic for good. Last straw was he was trying to get with his best friend’s sister and was even lying to his best friend about it. He beat me so badly when it all finally came out that I had to get my head stapled. He also began sporadically using drugs but told me to shut up about it because he had it under control. Our whole relationship he got off on triggering me and telling me to kill myself. The police report is there and I have hundreds of texts to prove it, but only because I got my head stapled did people believe me about that one thing. He is a master manipulator and the king of gaslighting. He managed to make it seem like he was justified for beating me and everyone believes him even with my evidence, but what’s really screwed up is every single thing ties back to his serial cheating and pathological lying. He is a Narcissist. Done and done.

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