Andrew Forney David – Nebraska

Where to start. 5 years together this princess decided to sleep with a meth whore and crush me what I thought at the time was the worst hurt I’ve ever felt. Long story (I would take up an entire site, trust me) Google him on other sites and you will see. So after he did that I left and moved on. Bought a house, had a new boyfriend, things were good. However the entire time, Andrew kept calling and texting, he was homeless, hungry, and I felt bad for him. I did what I could go help him out but kept him at arms length. This caused my current relationship to fall apart finally collapsing after almost 7 months. I still loved him so much but was hurt, he stared to get his act together, started being the person I met almost 6 years ago. We started to work things out, became better friends than before, stated repairing ourselves to move on from all this, this were great. Fast forward 5 months…. This dirty dog decides on February 13 to take off work early, go buy my Valentine’s gift, meet a whore who also had a family and boy friend for a drink and end up in a shady motel until the next day. ALL WHILE HE IS TEXTING ME TELLING ME HE IS AT WORK. He pretends to get off work and have a drink when he already has the room and the whore. It continues at 130 am when I asked him if he was on his way, his response “almost home” while laying in bed with that whore. Comes home and lied saying he passed out at his buddy’s moms, well close his buddy’s sister. The following weekend…. He left Friday afternoon for work, kissed me told me he loved me and see me later. I saw him when he came home on Sunday at noon. No texts, no calls, no anything. He came home and I left to my parents to give me time to cool off. While I’m there I find out he slept with her while I was gone IN MY BED IN MY HOUSE. She was playing with my pets, laid on my pillows, saw my personal items everywhere and still did the dirty. Her daughter was at home with her bf who is not her father while her mom was being a whore. Her name is Hannah Jones/Saxton. I get home to have Andrew call the police, lie to them and tell them I didn’t live there, throwing me out in the streets. His mother is harassing me via Facebook, screaming lies and slander all over. No one listens because of this womans history and very checkered past. Her and her friends have threatened my kids who are grown, all the while I’m the one who was not perfect by any means. I can be a nagging bitch when you don’t come home, can you blame me? I never cheated, not one time. I never lied, no need. He talked to me and tells me in a very cold angry voice “look it didn’t matter if it was with her or not, what happened between us was going to happen anyways” “why” ….. “because it was just not working”. Ok i get that, but if you knew it was not working for you why not tell me, ending it peacefully? Instead he does the most hurtful thing you can do to someone you say you love…. He cheated, threw me out, I’m being harassed by his family, ladies… Stay away from this clan of craycrays

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