LAURA VALENTE, San Diego – California

Laura Valente is the owner of Valente Hair & Co in La Jolla, CA. A few days ago, I heard that Laura filed bankruptcy and LIED IN BANKRUPTCY COURT. I am a friend of one of the stylists at Valente Hair & Co. I worry about my friends job. How could Laura file bankruptcy but still have her salon? Is she lying to her employees about the financial status of the salon? Not to mention, I just read that you can go to FEDERAL PRISON for bankruptcy fraud! Who will run the salon while she is in prison? The salon is no question going down in flames. There is also another post on the dirty about Laura. Well, actually there’s quite a few posts about Laura, but the most recent says that Laura opened the Valente Hair &Co on someone else’s dime and that she had previously opened a bikini business on someone else’s dime too. Another post says she is an floozy and obviously she pissed someone off there too. Apparently, Laura also has a plethora of lawsuits against her and evictions! Apparently, she just borrows money from whoever will give it to her and never pays them back or returns the favor. STOP GIVING LAURA VALENTE MONEY!

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