Nate Hill Fletcher – North Carolina

He is a lowlife, liar, moral fraud, hypocrite scumbag who doesn’t care who he hurts. Is more than willing to do a convicted felon’s(meth lab cook) bidding. Was more than willing to illegally evict a woman and put her on the street. Tell her Barry’s house belonged to him and other church members and that it was sold and new owners were moving in in 2 days to get her out. Said he’d find her a place to stay so she wouldn’t be homeless. All lies. Said the church didn’t approve of people living together out of wedlock. Conned her uncle into buying an RV from Barry’s friend who lied about needed repairs and cost him thousands of dollars. Nate had to do Barry’s bidding so he wouldn’t tell his wife, church, everyone about him cheating with a man which the church definitely wouldn’t approve of. When confronted they all lied and blamed the gossiping church people. Barry finally spilled the beans on the con job when threatened with a lawsuit and civil judgment, keeping illegal weapons in his house and being outed to DEA for meth assets he hid from them. Nate works as a pastor for Upward Christian Fellowship Flat Rock NC and is a sorry one. Sorry for taking up a methhead, pothead, drunk’s cause and even sorrier for making someone homeless mostly on Barry’s say so because he’s too much of a coward to tell his wife, the church and others the truth. Too cowardly to stand up against Barry’s blackmail. Nate Hill Fletcher NC-Nathaniel Elliott Hill-Asheville NC & Flat Rock NC is a hypocrite and moral fraud who shouldn’t be preaching at a satanist’s church let alone any other.

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