Sami Venn Samantha – Montana

My husband and I were going through a hard time. We are in livingston mt. She is on dating sites. I would stear clear.He met sami in december. Fucked her for months. I never knew her before. She would come up to me try to buy me drinks and talk to me. And abput my kids. It’s like she got off on it. He felt guilty and told me everything. She acts like the victim. Oh why can’t she find a man? She is taking men that are already taken. And enjoys it. We are getting tested this week. She talks like a whore on social media. I’m disgusted that he would be with her. Her face is alright but cakes on the makeup. And she is fat as fuck. So don’t let that fool you. She rubbed it in my face for months. I’ve been married 18 years. My husband said she is gross. Men beware. Women don’t ever trust her. I can only hope she gets married someday and her husband cheats. Then she will know my pain. P.s. pretty much everyone hates her. She has been fired from everywhere. I feel bad for her ex. I hope this bitch gets out of our town. And whatever you do don’t believe her sob stories. She creates pain and drama.

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