Nicolle Schultz / Nicolle Wiedefeld cheating ho

this rotten s****h’s name is Nicolle Schultz. Sometimes she says she is Nicolle Wiedefeld to hide. She is a dirty w***e from Las Vegas, she knowingly pursued a relationship with a married man. I know it takes 2 so he will get his too, but I warned her to stay away. I told her to stop texting and calling my husband. She lied, Now she can be publicly shamed for her part. H**l has no fury like awoman scorned She is one of Las Vegas dirtiest whores….This bi’ch will spread her legs for anyone who pays her attention. she has 2 kids, with a man who left her because he figured out what a lying cheating s**t she really was. Maybe she should try to stop being a dirty wh*re all day. Get some morals and values and find your own man


Jim Pryal Into the Wild Fly Fishing

Trust this short fat caveman looking waste of space at your own risk! His ‘game’ is a smooth one, obviously honed after years of practice. Women, Beware of this narcissistic man. If he contacts you run as fast as you can he will stalk you and make your life a living hell. I can not warn you enough. Stay as far away as you can from him. He has a small penis and a huge abusive temper. Every word he says is a lie all he wants is sex from you. He is on every Internet dating website out there . He has profiles (usually hidden) on most of the popular dating sites. He also looks for women to hook up with on social media. He seems very sweet and considerate & is very quick to make you feel naturally comfortable. Jim uses women for their money because he can’t keep a job. He prays on the women he thinks he can manipulate and will use them for every dime they have.
Seeing Jim’s haggard face on all of these cheating websites is hilarious and well deserved.
He has to lie all the time. He’s ashamed to admit to all the psychotic behaviors he has. There is a reason he is 40 something and has never been in a long term relationship. He has incredibly low self esteem, he’s unstable & manipulative.
He doesn’t only like his women young and damaged, he has a sick obsession with married women. He’s the guy a woman calls when she’s bored lonely and desperate, he’s nothing more than an easy lay.
When a women loses interest in him he gets off on slut shaming them, He cannot handle the rejection. One would think after all these years of being unwanted he would form some sort of coping mechanism. He knocked up a 16 year old when he was 27 resulting in his first kid. He refuses to use a condom so when you are sleeping with him you are sleeping with half the state of Michigan. Do not trust this man. He will use you for everything you have worked hard for because he has nothing, no future! He will cry the blues and play victim to get you to help!

West Virginia

Nickkie Maynard

Nickkie Maynard “obsessed with Dickkie Nickkie”

This girl is well known through out West Virginia as a man eating, homewrecking hussy. She has been used more than the spoon used to churn apple butter at our local apple butter festival. Everyone gets a turn.
She sent crude videos of herself to my man on fb messenger when I was in the hospital. Real classy nickkie. All of your homemade videos are now available on the internet. You wanna show ya ass…lol well now everyone can see ya. I feel sorry for Casey but then I dont really feel sorry for him because he bout as faithful as you are haha.


Italian conman Ed Vecchiarelli Sr 67

smooth talker will sweep you off your feet with BS, roses, the whole enchilada and take you places all over but as soon as he has got you under his spell you are screwed. By then he already has 10 or 15 other women on the hook at the same time. I moved in with him in Colorado and he broke my heart, sleeping with other men and women almost daily. He has some kind of hold over them – and me. He has a very vicious sadistic side to him and he is a flagrant, flamboyant cheat. He cheats at everything he does in business, play, or anything in between. And lies all the time if he is talking to u assume he is lying. He stalked me for the last year. He stalks everyone. Its part of his whole need to be in control all the time. I ended up getting a restraining order against him. He was always on me with where have you been and he’s just crazy. Telling me he would fly his airplane into our house. I had to get away from him This guy is really bad news. Just run ladies

My ex sells used generators in Brighton not what he represents to consumers, he has a pretty good scam going right now. He is into a lot of other things. I am pretty scared of him after what I saw he did to some others he was mad at drives pretty expensive race cars,but can only win in his home town of Brighton #canada #yacht #privatepilot #scams #taxevasion #erie #brighton #ballcorp #pueblo #chicago #ohio #colorado #bisexual #sadist #cheat #wealthy #corrupt #liar #abuser #homewrecker #crazy #evil #italian #fraud #moneylaundering #drugs #hudson #greeley #lafayette #moonandback #babygirl #pervert #nuts #unfaithful #stds #assault #violent #angry #narcissist #psycopath #money #abuser #manipulative #cruel #deceptive #mean

Cheaters Massachusetts

Jake Parlett – Massachusetts

Things moved quite fast with Jake, I met up with him at his moms place where he lives with his 10-year-old brother. As soon as I got there I could tell they were pretty poor which isn’t a big deal to me, I have a job I can support myself, but what I didn’t know is he had a lot of mental issues. Not just mental disorders but full on psychological anger issues but I didn’t find that out till later. He told me he was nice guy he was different from the others yes he had a hard time growing up being abandoned by his father, being forced to sell drugs on the street of Ohio and having to join a gang the Crips.
Well he lived about a two hour round-trip away for me he didn’t drive so before I knew he had all these issues I agreed to date him but I couldn’t keep driving up there every week he had to stay for about two weeks at a time but needs to help out around the house, I’ll buy myself and you’re not gonna live in my house for free. So while I was out at work and I was going to college he was home on his PlayStation, watching my Netflix, and smoking weed in my apartment.

Anthony Coutreyer South Carolina

Anthony Coutreyer – South Carolina

Anthony Coutreyer big fat cheater. Anthony Coutreyer is a liar and a cheater who denies seeing multiple women at a time when in fact he does. He uses multiple pof accts and denies it even when asked about it. When confronted with the proof he claims the women are crazy and should be blocked so only his side of story gets told. Proof, facts, text and calls don’t lie, ANTHONY COUTREYER DOES. You are forewarned. The other women are out of state and he uses his job with an airline and kids in different states as reasons to go out of state.

Cheaters New York

Florin kukaj Staten Island – New York

Florin kukaj a cheating dirt bag

Cheaters North Carolina

Gary L King – North Carolina

His name is Gary L King, he lives in Benson, N.C. and has been seen on several online dating sites, especially inter-racial ones. We met online in February of 2009 on I lived in another state at the time. After about 6 months of dating I moved to NC to be closer to him. He led me on for 7 years, lying about EVERYTHING! Found out this past February 2016 he got married 3 months after we met. He also had a baby 5 years into our relationship. He is very manipulative and controlling.

Cheaters Wyoming

Clifford Springsteaf – Wyoming

cheated w my youngest son x w**** ariana martinez after living in my front of my grandson.

Cheaters Robert Rios

Robert Rios – Florida

Robert Rios, told me that he loved me and wanted to have a baby with me. Two weeks after this, he was on Facebook trying to pick up women. While trying to get me pregnant!