MJ Robichaud, toronto – Canada

MJ Robichaud is a narcissist  that uses everyone around her for her own good. She never loved anyone else more than herself and she is extremely jealous and possessive about her husband even if he is too blind to see it. She also hides the fact that she used to be a stripper in Toronto from her husband just to show to her friends that she still got it. She is extremely materialistic and only buys valuable things to make her look better because she has nothing else to give. She absolutely do nothing all day and watch housewives and buy stuff online with her little doggies. She said that she helped her husband open some of the Dashvapes stores he owns but that’s not true, the only thing she did is help with the wall color and nagged all day. She is from shippagan city in the maritimes and used to be a bullies and still is now whenever she doesn’t get what she wants.

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