Shandi Elliott (Allen, ODonnell, Farley) – New Hampshire

Shandi is a pathological, manipulative liar. She has been sleeping with my boyfriend behind her husbands back and will not admit to it! She even had the balls to reach out to ME!! She thinks she is skinny…Fucking laughable-fat fucking cow. She will even tell you to your face how beautiful and awesome she is. So pathetic and sick. She has cheated on EVERY single husband and boyfriend she has ever had. Her first husband, she cheated on and married that man. She began cheating with her current husband while with the 2nd husband(that she cheated with the first time). She is AGAIN fucking around. She lies to her husband now and he is too stupid to know it. She manipulates her kids, her friends and family just to get false sympathy and gifts. She sneaks around while her husband is at work and he has no idea. Sad, everyone knows what kind of whore she is. She can have my man. I hope she catches something. LIAR! She will use you, lie, steal, anything she can. She is sick in the head. She has always been a pig. Sleeping her way from guy to guy. Go back to the trailer where you belong!!

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