DMarie Gallegos -Trujillo – New Mexico

D.Marie Gallegos-Trujillo is a very bad woman!! She cheats on her husband Jose constantly and he is way too stupid to realize it! I’ve caught her six times at Walmart, Big 5, and Smith’s cheating with four different men and two different women! Don’t let her fool you with her lies, I spoke with Monica Martinez ex friend of D.Marie that she even has an intimate relationship with her father-in=law and she showed me a picture of the two together, I told her “I’ve seen D.Marie with him Monica said “His name is Herman” I saw them just last week at the La Cueva Cafe’s parking lot making out back of her Ugly Dark Grey Toyota 4-Runner with Plates MCS367 Herman” said mind my own business I “said “Yeah well you should fess up to your Son Jose that your cheating with Fat Ass Slut D.Marie here he got all raged on me wanting to beat me up if I don’t keep my mouth shut. I went to my car and took and picture of them kissing again He yelled “Hey come here you you can delete the photos!! D.Marie said the same to me and said “We know where you live and work and will make your life a living hell”!!! Isn’t Herman Married? He say’s he is but she doesn’t have to know every little thing he does!!”He says! What are the Trujillo family doing right now about this? I’m doing my own research and I have connections too!!

The scary thing is D.Marie father Andres is my bosses good friend and I remember my boss saying “to me because Her father got his son kicked off the basketball team because their son was molested by D.Marie and his mother had proof. My boss has told me in the past that The gallegos Family have a lot of power in Taos!! I can’t believe well why has D.Marie not ever been charged? Or isn’t in jail right now? D.Marie you are ugly as Hell, with your messed up nose,spread out teeth, Cocked-eyes,fat hips, stomach and ass you look like an umpa-lumpa!

My sister two days ago caught D.Marie at Walmart abusing her kids, slapping Josiah on the candle isle and pulling Issac’s ear really hard saying you boy’s better keep you r mouth shut telling them if the Child Protectors come to the house “You better tell them that Mommy doesn’t spank or hurt you guy’s”!! My sister Melanie doesn’t lie and wanted to call on her. But D.Marie caught my sister witnessing all this and D.Marie said you better not report me or you’ll be sorry you ever F&&ked with me!

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