Elysse The Wanna, vancouver – Canada

this is elysse, she goes by lifeofelysse Because she thinks that people wanna know about her pathetic life she’s trying so hard to become an IG model and is successfully failing, she edits her picture so much that when you look at her in person you have no idea who you’re even looking at, You’ve also gained so much weight that every single time I see you in person you look like a huge false advertisement not to mention you love to hate on people. Yet all of a sudden think you’re better than everybody because you model for some trash company that gets her clothes from China not to mention you’re absolutely obsessed with your boyfriend who is Taylor, he goes by that dude Taylor, This girl comes from Mapleridge and constantly goes back and less than a week ago she was at a party with her aparent guy friends.  stop thinking your better then anyone because if anything your less then

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