JOCELYN MOWERY originally from Marietta, Ohio. Currently resides in Sevierville, TN and a “mother” to a baby girl named Octavia (whom she does NOT have custody of due to her addiction) is a LIAR, A CHEAT, AND A NASTY heroin, meth and pill addict. She was in a relationship with Mitchell Lee Tolbert of Sevierville, TN. She went behind his back and slept with his friend (or a few to say the least) but this friend was MARRIED! She did not care whether or not she herself was in a relationship. She made up lies to this friend for him to feel sorry for her (about Mitchell). She would fake seizures for attention. To my recollection, this was not her first time falsifying these actions to get with another man. She likes to be used for her services bc that’s all she was good for just to get her DRUGS!

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