Devon Angela Bonson, Surrey – Canada

once again this apparently loving mother of 2 and devoted wifey has failed at life. shes been caught cheating more times than i can count. she lies and ignores her sons but mostly the oldest as she states ” Rayne is a write off anyways.” her youngest son asked his dad why mommy does this. anf last december she tried to beat her own head in when being called out on infidelities…classic devon whoring it up, lying and cheating except when she is called out she freaks out and threatens to kill herself and swallow pills and do all kinds of stuff right in front of her own son he’s traumatized I’ve seen it firsthand and it is and her oldest doesn’t even have anything to do with her doesn’t want anything to do with her it’s so sad that she thinks that she can just keep doing this kind of stuff every so often and then not have any repercussions this is why I nominate her for the dirty

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