Hozan Jaafar, winnipeg – Canada

City’s biggest Kurdish thot… Hozan Jaafar she acts like she’s a angel and a good girl but she’s the biggest snake who sneaks around all the time to fu*k all these guys behind her family’s back, all she does with her life is sit on the internet and hunt for guys all day everyday she’s also on sugar baby’s websites and floozying websites also has fake accounts all over everything because she tries to be low key & scared for her brothers to find out and if they hear anything she just lies to them because only thing she’s good at in life is lying, she hates on every girl and talks shit about everyone she knows because she thinks she’s top sh*t when she’s a irrelevant loser who is just a big hater because she’s a big cat fish and thinks she’s some Instagram model but she’s ugly in real life and has a ugly weird shaped body, she also tries to force every guy that she talks to too marry her and buy her things but no one does besides her old pimps

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