Crystal Evans, Sacramento – California

She is hoping to be pregnant by someone who’s going to do a 25-life prison term, the dudes already about to start trial so he on that cdc bus for sure by end of this year so like why? Why would you ON PURPOSE have a innocent baby be born to have no dad until he or she is already grown as fuk? This dude “Chris” he has gun cases and even sex crimes, but she lets him move into her house with her 3 kids! Not to mention he also MARRIED and got a new baby and older kid, this dude pulls out some clearly (&poorly) edited google docs bullsh1t on his phones photo gallery saying its test results from lab and baby ain’t his! What kind of man fakes a damn dna test just to leave his baby and wife and move into another woman’s house? Trashy FR Since he Married to whoever else she can’t get no sexual contact with him for 20 years so why even allow him to father a kid with you? You ain’t gonna meet someone else in two decades? Get serious b1tch this a joke y’all are complete bozos not even thinking in reality why he been fuking sitting around showing fake dna tests when you should’ve been at courthouse watching him get divorce going, like what’s the problem why the wait where’s the action behind all this talking? I don’t go inside if he’s there now because he’s a strange guy, type you get a rapist vibe from I swear, she got 16 year old daughter and he convicted of fucking 14 year old with a object even too EWW WTF!!! Someone come get her kids out of harms way and coco :girl wake up this not a good look hunny!

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