Brittany Black, Edmonton – Canada

she robbed my house, screws everything she can (i was a lucky objector) (seriously) shoplifts everyday, sells drugs but smokes them all instead, lies, doesnt pay rent, lies, dont ask me what ive seen in her dirty panties by the washer, cheats on every guy she tricks, every guy she tricks resets everyday, i met alot of new bros being her roomate, did i mention she lies , when she robbed my house i was in it , i kicked her out a month before but she left her hoard behind and she came back for it at 1 in the morning, fuk that i was letting her and bob n (was my bud) two others in, so they threatend, started coming in thru windows and i held the fort for like an hour in a weird ass mexican standoff, till she called the cops . now i hate cops, and i thought i had a warrent, (damnit tho it turned out i didnt) so i fuked off out the back door, really if they took me in shed get in anyway so it was the better option.. they had my place. i fought for three days to get it back, every time i got near shed call the cops. she took everything from the house, she lies, steals , spreads disease daily, and needs to be floozied back to nova scotia like she floozys the johns she robs., my bro said that the twenty page essay was too long for readers to hold their attention so i abbreviated. be careful if you meet her and my deepest sypathy goes out to those poor boys that have been so unfortunate to have her leave any d.n.a on them. its only a matter of time for them. lets have a moment of silence for the ”black condemned bunch”………

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