Krystal MacFarlane, ontario – Canada

so let me tell you about this little b1tch she has four kids three of who she cannot control at all her one son was born death and he runs all around Essex by his self cuz she’s too busy laid up with her new fiance she plays baby bonus by not telling them that are engaged she doesn’t care about her kids all at all all she cares about is her child support money she sets a dirtball she lets her kids walk around and dirty staying closed looking like a welfare cases me and while she’s playing the system and her ex-husband $1,200 a month for child support and not a penny of it goes to her kids she’s too busy going on dates with her new boyfriend and buying him sh1t what a piece of work well she lose her 16 year old daughter at home to take care of her two twin girls and their son who kicks and hits her and abuses her and the dog

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