Ceilidh Evelyn Ailsa, Ontario – Canada

This girl I can’t even stress enough how delusional she is. I dating the girls on and off for a few years and I’m happy to say I’ve been putting my load into a more worthy woman. She is a spiteful delusional lying female. Blames others for her wrong doings. Tries to trick around and sell herself to support her pespsi and beauty costs. Aborted my child and probably lets others men cvm inside that dumb dvmpster of a . She talks sh1t and complains about all her friends to me because she’s jealous and mad that she looks like the Pokémon muk. Ceildih stop talking sh1t about people because what goes around comes around. Karma will get you harder when you don’t think twice before spreading those legs and using that dirty drd trap of yours. Stop acting like you run sh1t you cheating pancake a55. Go abort another baby.

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