Skyler Ivy King White – Canada

Skyler Ivy King White is not to be trusted. Her maiden name is King and that changed to White when she married Chuck White. She tricked him into marriage by using their son Calvin as a crutch. She has cheated on him multiple times with multiple people, including her ex boyfriend Dan and Chucks own brother. She threatened Chuck to marry her and forgive her or he will never see his son Calvin again. He feels he has to do anything for his son as his daughter Clarissa from another mother is already someone he barely sees. She is a cheater, an abuser, and the community needs to be warned about this kind of behaviour. They are from Stratford but moving to a Church – st Mary’s church of Warwick – when her husband finishes renovating it. Chuck white owns white Holmes masonry, a brick laying company currently operating in London, Ontario.

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