Cassandra Tusa, winnipeg – Canada

So Jack Skellington over here likes to post other girls on the dirty because she’s infatuated with a man who wants nothing to do with her as she has the personality of a wet mop and is for some reason hell bent on being a Michael Jackson lookalike. Hey, Cassandra, your crippling insecurities are showing. And it’s not other women’s fault that you can’t keep a man or that you feel bad about yourself (which by the way, you totally should!!) She likes to think she’s a Hollywood starlet but unless she’s willing to shovel out lots of cash to fix that mess she calls a “face”, I doubt she’ll get very far in her career. But who knows? I mean looks aren’t everything in showbiz, after all. Folks like Tiny Tim and Sara Jessica Parker have had successful careers and they’re really only a step above miss Tusa on the Ugly Meter. Cassandra is also known for backing down from every fight she’s ever started. She likes to act big and hard behind her phone screen but step up to her and tell her to square up and she’ll run home with her tail between her legs. Maybe that’s because she’s roughly 60lbs soaking wet and pretty much anyone could knock her a** out. Although, I will say, her freakishly large man hands probably pack one hell of a slap. It’s just too bad the rest of her is so frail and weak. In closing I would like to say that while I know posting people on here is the only way Cassandra is able to feel good about herself, it’s still pretty sad. Like, we get it; you’re intimidated by pretty girls who are comfortable in their own skin. You resent them because they embody everything that you aren’t and never will be: A happy, good looking and confident woman. Sorry Cassandra, it’s no ones fault that you were born with a coat hanger sticking out of your ear, you failed abortion. You oughta put your energy into your failing acting career rather than wasting it on being so pathetically bitter.

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