Faith Straub – Canada

Where do I start? Faith Straub is more worried about d1ck, booze and drugs than she is about her children. She’s done drugs in her house while her children have screamed for hours on end. She’s skinny she’s pretty and she has a job and two beautiful kids but she’s so lost in her own fuked up head that she doesn’t see all the good things she has in life. She’s too hung up on the party life. Some people should not have their kids. Faith also likes to rip off literally everyone she comes across. Babysitters, taxi drivers. She loves to bar hop too. This chick is literally the worst possible kind of person there is and you should all heed my warning and stay far away. I have personally experienced all of this. She’s bad news. And wrap your d1ck before you put it in her because she has a really bad reputation in both Medicine Hat and Swift Current. Have fun Faith!

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