Stefanie Wilks – Portland

This is Stefaini Wilks… I call her heffanie 😂 this is the county of Tillamooks cvmm dumpster. She’s mentally unstable and fuks married men. My boys and I ran a train on this hoe thanksgiving weekend of this last year. Thankfully I was the first one in, she had the balls to ask me for money after. I didn’t know you weren’t fuking for free b1tch!! So I kicked her out without a hand out and she was noticeably pissed, so pissed she keyed my car. She plays nice and innocent, but behind closed doors this freak is down for anything, anal, Trains, takes load after load and pretends the next day like god is her savior, getfo you fake broad. Also, pu55y stinks and is trash…. it’s obviously been ran through like drainO.

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