MJ Szymanski, Denver – Colorado

This lame floozy MJ Szymanski aka Szkank Nasty has probably boned over 1000 different backpage customers in the Denver area over the last 5 years, until due to unfortunate luck backpages got taken down, but I am sure she is still keeping herself busy. She is a pasty chef at the hilton by day and a Liar, thief, cheat and Hoe with a Pimp (a local mma wanna be named Christian) by night who she is also probably dating. Girl is basically a thief, a lame and infection to anyone stupid enough to try to deal with her. If you have any involvement with her just pay her $150 an hour to get who knows what laundry list of DRDs she currently has, but dont try and help her or be around her, she is out to steal your life savings. You will pay her 100k for 2 months of work to try and get her away from that life, only to have her disappear and try to file restaining orders. Girl deserves to be killed but is hiding behind the law on some “what are you going to do kill me” type of Hoe behavior which seems to be getting more and more common with all these scum bags who would have been killed 100 times, 1000 years ago when you would just cut a thief like her in half on the spot. Its not worth being around some toxic infected skank and getting sucked into that kind of predatory desperation having her steal your stuff, ruin your life and move on to her next victim, plus after all the dudes she fuked over she she knows the reaper is out for her, dont gamble with your life by being around that karma. But don’t take my word for it, hit her up on Instagram {REDACTED} and try to get her to give you the discount she normally gets from her pimp $150/hour lol…but dont let her makeup fool you, girl is maybe like a 4-5 without any and smells like fish. She pretends to be a decent person but is probably one of the worst scumbags I have ever met. She also helps her pimp run his operation witch usually has anywhere form 5-10 hoes working for them…last I checked and blows all her money on coke and balling out with her pimp and who knows what kind of list of “bfs” she is currently infecting…

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