Moira Tuepah, ontario – Canada

Moira Tuepah has once again been caught fuking a married man shes broken many marriages and relationships she is known as the local cvm dumpster and has no shame about it she brags about her digits and keeps a list 2 beat any guy she knows numbers shes also fuked every guy I know I dont get why anyone would be willing to cheat with her and go home with the itch. Shes always standing around scratching her crotch! Shes overweight and walks around all summer in a bikini with her bush hanging out and hairy belly. half the time she doesnt even care she has a full moustache glistening in the sun she drinks every night of the week and everyone that knows her has to witness her life spiraling out of control all over social media where she posts non stop. U can catch her slobbering drunk at any bar in Gananoque on every single holiday or throwing parties with just dudes that are usually in relationships taking selfies with them all night long posting them online thinking it makes her look desired when the moment shes gone all everyone talks about is how fucking annoying and how big of a slore she is Might stay away from cousins for a bit now after having the latest affairs wife serving her for a year until she found out I wonder when her workplace will find out about her banging guests in their hotel rooms or her sharing online that shes stolen from them beware not all drds show up right away

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