Kelsey Moloney, New Orleans – Louisiana

If you’re wondering if this “girl” was once a guy, you’re basically on the money, as she’s more of a dog than any man out there. She will screw anything! Not far now from where she began as a fat girl living in a trap house sucking d1ck and fuking for the means of not being alone, as once you get to know her, you run. Probably explains the multiple abortions this girl has had. I’m talking far more than a handful. She got on steroids to get where she is now, and thinks she’s hot sh1t but all she had is DRDs and sh1t. She fuks the ugliest, fattest, losers ever, RAW, while they use her and leaving her crying like a little b1tch because even trash is better than her. Plus let’s be honest here, she’s barely a hit and quit which is why most just quit before hitting. Worst is she befriends the guys girlfriends to convince them she hasn’t done anything because she’s that desperate for friends. She literally has no female or male associates she hasn’t tried to fuk to get something out of them. She may have a pretty face, but if you licked you finger and whipped, you’d scream in shock with what’s underneath. Caked on makeup, is a understatement. The poor girl can’t even fuk her way into a waredrobe that actually fits her, instead she wears little girl clothes that are swallowed up by her mangina. If you want a free round on this, it’s the cheapest you could ever find, and remember, she aborts so you good! Find her at Pat-O Brian’s in downtown New Orleans, where she will probably be pepsied up, begging for money, and doing anything with anyone. If you’re a metiaire rat, you can also find her at your local ghetto bar called The Gas Station. A perfect name for the employees they hire. Find her on Facebook or instagram by the Name of Kelsey Christine Moloney, she accepts everyone on social and into her vagina (;

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