Kylie Martin, kelowna – Canada

this is kylie martin of kelowna. This washed up slore will do anything and everything for her next hoot even if it means sleeping with your friends bf’s! She uses her welfare and child benefit checks AND steals from her DD bf for her next hit of “D”. Kylie is the nastiest trashiest ratchet looking ho who just reaks of DRD. This bi*ch needs to be put on blast for being a terrible junkie mom! How do you xpect to take care of your kid when u cant even take care of urself!? This pathetic excuse for a mom has ppl watch her kid while shes in the washroom taking blasts off tinfoil. Hey D ur bi*ch cheats on u any chance she gets, need to keep her on a tighter leash dawg! Ladies keep ur bfs close when this trashbags close specially if she catches wiff they may be a dd

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