Sarah Whitney (Thiebert) – Canada

This chick is the scum at the bottom of a gas station toilet. Alcoholic mom of three!! Her new lucky husband has no idea the only reason she’s with him is he owns a house and has the money to support her. Never mind the fact she has about three side d1cks for when he’s at work. She took it up the a55 from one in the hospital after she had her newest crotch goblin she claims is her husband’s but who really knows, Probably one of her said side d1cks. She cheated on her last husband with this new sucker I don’t know how people can be so blind to manipulation. She’s had so much work done, lips, nose, labia plasty from all the d1ck she takes. I’d get yourself checked if you’ve ever touched this nasty scum, or better yet just burn it off you probably shouldn’t use it again.

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