Caitlin Richards, kingston – Canada

Last summer this homewrecker slept with my husband. She knew about me, yet continued to sleep with him and even start a “relationship” with him behind my back. I found out about the affair, messaged this chick and she told me we need to keep our relationships with MY husband separate.. Instead of her leaving like a decent human being, she continued it long distance. Expecting him to call her every night. She got mad at me for posting about my relationship, and having photos of us together on my Instagram and asked that I stopped posting because it upset her? I continued posting as much as possible to piss her off on purpose.. Fast forward to Friday the 13th..she ended things with him blaming me for the break up, saying I was trying to break them up.. Well, obviously. *shrugs* find your own man. Except I didn’t do anything. She blamed me for “ruining her relationship”. Yeah, because blaming the wife for ruining an affair makes sense. Still waiting on an apology from this chick for what she put me through. I decided to forgive her and apologize for whatever reason, maybe hoping she’d say something. If she had apologized, I wouldn’t be putting her on blast. She deserves to have every relationship she has fail, and to be hit by a bus.

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