Porta Potty, Miami – Florida

Miami watch out for Porta Potty – Ingryd Dahiana Laverde Rivera She claims to work as a teacher for computer systems in Colombia but is a full time SLORE in America. She is pimping out women and making money off them. She is in the USA illegally, working as a floozy and spreading drds between Colombia – Miami – New York and Washington. Her motive is to work for an escort agency, steal the clients and then jump to the next floozy agency until she burns them out. She steals from the clients and is spreading drds. She has a young son in Colombia who she has no time for, as she’s to busy scamming money and having unprotected sex with drug addicts to fuel her voracious surgery and shopping habit. She needs to be deported as she is a drain on society and steals money to send back to Colombia without paying taxes in the USA. If you come across this trollop run for the hills she has been know to blackmail men and threaten to send screen shots of text messages to there wives and family if they don’t pay her ransom. She will take you down and try to infect you. Her last known residents were Sunrise Florida, She looks for victims in Latin clubs and bars. BUYER BEWARE unless you want the gift that keeps on giving.

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