Jennifer DeAngelis, Tucson – Arizona

No bigger slore then this one, smelly a55 vagina! Within the last year she’s had 35+ d1cks inside of her ( that’s her saying not me) she sucks d1ck for money (10$) makes posts all the time about selling her nudes for a few bucks, black mails everyone to get her way and what she wants! Fuked someone for her nipple rings! Lol. She says “recovering” alcoholic, trust there is no “recovering”. 25 year old who you have to hold her hand to accomplish something. Her mom takes her car keys so she can’t leave the house, she needs that much supervision unless she does something out of control. If you mess with her, make sure she keeps the clothes on, you do not want to see that disgusting flab of a stomach she has!!Most gullible person and not in a good way! She will listen to whatever her “best friend” says too do who ruined her credit and fuked her over so many times , owes her an obsessive amount of money. The cops get called to this ones house for the most insane reasons and her dad works for law enforcement lol. Unless you want an drd and the cops called on you I would RUN from this one. She also tops the cake for being the stupidest person in the state, with ease. Mentally unstable af!!! Her MOMS advice to every guy is run for the hills! She is so talented lol. Biggest lying con artist on here, once again she will black mail you to get her way! 10$ does along way fellas 😉 Wait how can I forget, her own parents call her nothing but a fuk ! Ouch, if your parents have nothing but bad things to say about ya! Aka miss lil cvm guzzler

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