Cambria Curry, San Diego – California

Cambria Curry is running the streets of downtown San Diego gold digging because she doesn’t have a real job. Her socially awkward and bratty attitude has been annoying all of her friends because she acts like she’s off of Tumblr or somewhere else on the internet. She’s so insecure as you can tell by her excessively suggestive photos on Instagram. She posts photos of only herself in skimpy attire on her main Instagram and gets mad when guys comment on it. She is an attention slore and is so pathetic. She has multiple personalities which is evident on her family’s Temecula Olive Oil Company Instagram that she ‘runs’ as her ‘job’. Cami’s life is based on how rich she tries to look but she doesn’t even have a full time job. She uses people for expensive gifts because she can’t afford it herself. She is flat as a board but layers push up bras on to try and look like a solid A cup. The insecurity is real with this girl

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