Jessica Aylestock, sarnia – Canada

Oh god nik, idk where to start with this one. She might be one of the dirtiest girls in this city. She was always fuked in the head but her most recent antics are something people should know. This girl had another useless crackhead overdose in her house while her kid was running around half naked, dirty booger faced and neglected. Which is the norm with this scum of a “mom”. She also would sell her body to get her fix, or just fuk or suck for drugs. She doesn’t mind dying it out either. This girl must have had some serious trauma growing up..but it’s no excuse to sleep with men for drugs and party the way she does while her kids are home. For years she bashed other girls, backstabbed them, slept with their boyfriends and yet this is the type of girl she was all along. It’s about time she lost her kids..all she did was pawn them off on anyone that would take them anyways. Her and her like 3 baby daddies. Just make sure you wear protection with this drd infection

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