Alissa Mary Burnett, Fort Worth – Texas

Alissa was seeing my boyfriend at my house while I was at work… texting me promising me she wasn’t… she’s literally a disgrace to all women. He was only using her for drugs at the time and constantly talks so bad about her. She has hair on her nipples and cheated on him with some 60 year old… also when my boyfriend and her “broke up” she went straight to his best friends and dated him for awhile and “borrowed” money from one of them and blocked him on Facebook the next day, the other friend of his she was living with and stole $300 from him. She is a stalker and shows up at my family’s house and even stood outside my boyfriends apartment one time and wouldn’t go away … she is an active heroin user and will do anything for money to support her habbit. She works only at places like twin peaks redneck heaven and strip clubs. Also she has DRD. So beware before you mess with this troll…

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