Aimee Claire, winnipeg – Canada

This DRD infected stripper will go home with any man from the strip club as long as they pay more than 50$… at least she has some bar of self respect. Aimee spends her days rolling the bowl and shaking her non existent a55 for men who take videos and make fun of her ugly body online. I don’t know who did her horrible tattoos and stinky facial peircings either but damn. I had the misfortune of meeting this girl on tinder not knowing what she was really about… thank god I used a condom. Stay away from this dirty floozy for your own good. She says her DRD is “untransmittable” don’t be stupid… she can’t make any real money stripping in Winnipeg because of her fat gross body so her stripper friends in Alberta are planning on helping her move out… please do! The dirty riggers deserve you not the hard working men in winnipeg

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