Tesah Jordin, Chicago – Illinois

this girl is Tesah Jordin. She is a wannabe porn star and stripper at a sleezy club in Chicago. She was sleeping with child rapist Dahvie Vanity and pretending they were in a relationship until he left her and got engaged to Fallon Vendetta. When he did that she was going around saying that Dahvie sexually assaulted her and left her for dead face down in her own vomit in the bathroom. Now that Fallon left Dahvie she is right back with him pretending she never told anyone he assaulted her. She just got back from spending a week in Florida for him paying for him to get new tattoos, buying him alcohol and hooking up with him in his mother’s basement. She either lied about the assault or she is lying now by saying it never happened. On top of that she is scammer promising people nudes for money that she never sends. She also has a sugar daddy paying her rent, for her to fly to visit her f**k buddy in Florida and other expensive things. And she doesn’t wash her own hair, she goes to a salon and has a stylist wash it for her which is probably also paid for by her sugar daddy. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS GIRL AT ALL! She cannot be trusted.

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