Jessica McCormick, Houston – Texas

this chick is a full blown psycopath and serial cheater. As you can see from her before photos, Jess was a decent looking woman but was definitely lacking in assets. Over the last few years, Jess finally reached the age of 37 and has sucked enough d1ck to help afford her the opportunity to have her body redone. Now she got herself new breasts, new hips, and a brand new butt All from sucking the fat from her beer belly stomach and moving it around her body. Anybody with half a brain can look at these photos and tell she has had cosmetic surgery. Jessica McCormick, however, thinks everyone is stupid and encourages her family and friends that knew her pre surgery to tell everyone that she transformed herself through diet and exercise alone. Stupid because who gets bigger boobs from exercise? According to her Instagram fitness page, she credits her body to hard work and squats. That is a lie, as much of a lie as all the filters she uses to photoshop every photo of herself she uploads but refuses to admit to. Jessica has a young daughter, she was married to her baby daddy for awhile before she started sleeping with men she worked with to help her afford all the cosmetic work she needs…which resulted in a divorce. If she wasn’t so ugly on the inside, maybe I could forgive the fact that she is trying to lie to people to build a following online so that she can profit off of the deception. But for how messy this b1tch is, I think the world deserves to know the truth.

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