Kiera Saddleback – Canada

This walking hotdog is constantly running her fat crooked mouth and putting any d1ck in her mouth that gives he’s the slightest attention. It’s time to finally put this disgusting b*tch on blast. It all started when she started sucking d1ck for rides at the tender age of 14, and lying about her age, now she’s moved onto sleeping with men who are taken and wonders why no one likes her and why she constantly gets the sh1t kicked out of her. This girl is a full on catfish and her nasty pu55y hangs out of her underwear like it’s going out of style lol She’s had guys throw plan B in her back yard as they’re driving by after a nasty one night stand, you’d think she’d get the hint right? Nope. She’s never been able to hold a real job, all she does is sit on her phone all day begging old men for money and a quick bang. Never has a problem with snorting all her hoe money and drinking it away when she can’t even get her own place and is forced to live in her “bestfriends” parents basement sad right? Maybe this used up slore will finally get the hell out of Medicine Hat and finally realize that no one wants her here. Watch out guys, this nasty thing will suck you dry of all your money and pass on her nasty drds

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